About Hera

Hera Group launched its activities on the date of 24 May 2014 in the leadership of Selahattin Bilge and partnership of Metin Yalçın and Anton Glass. HERA GROUP, aiming to be the key symbol of quality and efficiency in Turkish and world markets provides service in activity areas to touch upon the human life such as construction machinery, mining, food, construction, and textile. Providing efficiency, quality, and originality through advanced technology in numerous areas in a period when technology prevails in world societies is one of the fundamental principles of HERA GROUP. It carries out the representation of various firms which are well-known throughout the world in the sector of “tower crane equipment and external facade elevators” the main operation field and opens their door to the world.

HERA GROUP is an establishment operating with a full quality service understanding in installation, maintenance, repair, and spare part supply in addition to the sales and renting activities in construction machinery sector. HERA GROUP is providing services with the principle of “unconditional customer satisfaction” and has adopted the mission of safeguarding human life and the environment. Following the latest developments in technology, the Group is making the necessary changes in accordance with determined mission rules and is quickly adapting to the new conditions. The Group ensures that its employees receive updated trainings in their field of work so that they can be more active and successful, and they can demonstrate the trainings they have received in their active service. Our company has adopted as its mission to keep its service quality at the highest level and to secure satisfaction “unconditionally” and to operate by focusing on innovations in technology and the industry and is undertaking to be bound by the rules it has determined as its mission.

To strengthen our position in the Turkish market and in the global markets, providing the achievements we have had since 2013 with our trustworthy and innovation-oriented team that gets its strength from our entrepreneurial spirit, by providing services beyond customer expectations and matchless solutions in our fields of activity with our wide product range and “high quality” services.